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Meet AiBB

An analytics powerhouse with an Ai assistant to help you make sense of the crypto markets. This all-in-one application houses all the tools and features you require to grow your portfolio and become a successful trader.

Ai Assistant

Ask AiBB to perform tasks, trades or retrieve information about anything crypto related. The assistant will present you with an actionable response. Try the prototype to the bottom right!

Portfolio & Trading

Execute trades with one simple login across exchanges and keep track of your portfolio.

Identity Authentication

One KYC verification process allows you to instantly join any of our partner exchanges for you to trade on.

Ai Security

Built based on banking best practices to keep your assets safe. With the added bonus of Ai Monitoring suspicious behavior.

Feature Packed

A treasure chest of tools for better trades. Our voting platform gives you a say in our ecosystem.

Meet AiBB

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Our Ai platform is built on NLU, NLP and ML proprietary algorithms that works with all the Modules.

Portfolio Analysis

Get instant insights into how your assets are performing and know your net worth. Track all your trades, the fees and its taxes.

Ai Trading Assistant

Trade on multiple exchanges from one app. Use the Ai assistant to set trading parameters and set your exit strategy.

ICO Review

The right ICO can make you a lot of money. Our analysis tool finds the hidden gems and provides you a list of the ICOs to consider.

Smart Wallet

You can securely lock all your alt coins in the smart wallet. With features like Wallet Safe and Coin retreat, your coins cannot be stolen.

Ai Chat

A NLU, NLP and ML chat function that works with all the Modules. Simply ask AiBB to perform a task and AiBB will execute the command.

Ai Voice

Our built-in Crypto Ai Assistant enables you to speak natural language commands to perform various tasks within AiBB. Think of it as OK GOOGLE for Crypto.

Smart Exchange Contracts

Trading contracts is the safest way to trade coins in the digital world. Smart contacts acts like an escrow for your trades while your coins are kept safe.

Ai Security

We aim to Restrict any unknown communication to AiBB. It will be wrapped in its own VPN and Inaccessible from the outside world.

Ai Pay

You can make payments right from your phone with your crypto coins. Using the NFC contact-less payment function, you will have instant access to your assets as cash.

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When can I start using AiBB to trade digital currencies?

The Trading Module is the 2nd in que for development. We estimate that By Q4 2018 our Application will be up and running with 2 base modules.

How do I fund my AiBB account?

You will be able to create AIBB, plus the top 5 wallets and transfer your coins to AiBB wallet inside the app. Here you can store your coins. If you want to trade, you will need to have an existing trading account with an exchange. Our Exchange module is 6th in Que.

Do I earn interest from my AiBB account without trading the tokens?

No. You can only store your coins securely in the wallet.

Is there a fee per transaction? If so, what is the amount?

There will be a fee that is dependant on your exchange.

Our Ai Exchange will have a 0.25% and based on a tiered system.  You will be able to pay the fees using your AiBB Tokens.

How long does it take to fund my AiBB account?

Depending on the coins a user is funding with. Eg – BTC is 6 -8 confirmations. It takes anytime from 10 minutes to 3 hours for funds to be transferred to and from AiBB wallet.

How long does it take to transfer money from AiBB into my traditional bank account?

You will require a bridge exchange to process  and convert Crypto to Fiat currencies.

We have in our pipe line to develop  this functionality directly into AiBB